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A few letters about our graphic novel "Boy Meets Hero"

March 24th, 2008

Dear Chayne and Russell,

Yesterday I read your Comic "Boy Meets Hero" and it was great. In Germany your Comic came out in the stores in the beginning of March. I'm a great Comic-Fan and read a lot of DC and Marvel-Comics and other. In Germany we have a great Gay-comic-author (Ralph Koenig), but he hasn't wrote a superhero gay comic.

Your comic book is charming, because it shows the feeling of Dereks coming out very well. I felt with him, because it was the same feeling during my coming out in a little village in Germany.
So I hope it was not the first book of Blue Comet, Fusion and Sunstar and I can read new adventures of the three superheroes!

With the best wishes from Munich,


Thanks for writing to us and for liking our comic so much! Also thanks for buying the hardcover!

We wrote the story with our own coming out experiences in mind so I'm always happy to hear when other guys really connect with our characters and story on such a personal level. It's so amazing to us that we can "connect" with someone across the world from us through something as simple as a comic book!

All the best,
Russ & Chayne

March 10th, 2008


I just discoved Boy Meets today and it stole my heart since checking out the first panels. It's so difficult to find an entertaining webcomic/comic that has a gay theme and isn't all nudity. Its a real gem, a fantastic read and I wish you all the best.

Best Regards,
Jason R.

January 18th, 2008

Dear Chayne and Russell,

It's been about a year since I first started reading this comic, and I'm so glad you guys are now able to take it even further beyond the realms of the electronic! Seriously, when I read that BMH is going to be published, I jumped from my chair and bounced around the study with a mildly psychotic fangirl grin on my face (not that I'm a crazy fangirl... whatever gave you that idea? >_>)

You say you're going to be shipping copies to the rest of the world? I'd like to know if I'd be able to buy it in South Africa. ^_^

I really think this is awesome news. I think you're going to be able to reach a lot more people, gay and straight alike, and teach them more about tollerance and acceptance of love. The world need more comics like this one!!! (but you'll always be number 1 for me. ^_^).

Looking forward to more adventures (though the new mini-strip is gorgeous. They look so cute!)

Much love,
Kirsten (again)


Wow! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! It means a lot to hear from fans who really "get" what we're trying to do with BMH. I'm fairly sure we'll be able to ship the autographed copies we'll be selling from our site, worldwide.

Thank you again for being such an awesome fan!
Russ & Chayne

omg thank you sooo much for this comic! well i LOVE comics and this one is really good, because i think i may be gay really beleive i am, but im not sure but its just that if i no i would def. come out cause i have no prob its just i want to be sure(im 14)! so this is soooo nice finding a comic thats about gay superheros and knowing its ok, its really helped(and its ok with ALL the parts in this comic, really good) its just so hard to find characters or actual comics about homosexuality because thats how i can relate! so thank you for helping me! and keep up the good work, cant wait to see more!


Dear Will,
You are so very welcome! Thank you for your wonderful email. One of the
reasons we created Boy Meets Hero is because there aren't many comics
that deal with gay characters in leading roles. We wanted to show
readers that it's natural for some people to feel uneasy about being
gay, but that if those people accept themselves for who they are, they
can overcome anything.

I was thirteen when I first realized I was gay. It happened the first
day of school my seventh grade year in 1985. My father was an art teacher
at my middle-school and took me to his classroom in the morning before
class started. He left for the teachers lounge and I stayed behind in
his room.

I began looking through some of the art books on the shelves and found
one on figure drawing. It contained images of nude male and female
figures and I noticed that I was staring at the men much more than the
women. I had heard the word gay by that point in my life and knew that
it was something that people talked down about at the time. But I just
couldn't help looking at the pictures of men. And then it hit me, I was
gay and I coudn't tell anyone my secret!

I kept this information to myself for years until I went to college. It
was there that I met Russell. We soon discovered we had feelings for the
other and before we knew it, we were in love! Over the following years
we came out to various friends and family members. Each time was scary
but we felt much better afterward getting the truth out.

I just wanted to share some of what I went through when I realized I was
gay. Each person's experience is different. Wether you are gay or not is
your personal business. Be true to yourself and you'll be happy! Take
care and best wishes.


I just reading about the interview you guy's had with Tony Smith and it was great. I really like the part were you tell us how you came up with Zack and Zap-man I would like to now how you come up with the others. I agree with Tony that the scene were Derek comes out to Captain Cosmos it was so touching that I almost to cry. I really like the idea of haveing Derek and Justin getting in a fight then kiss and makeup.

Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I thank the interview wet great and to kip up the good work.

Hey Dawnell!

Thanks for your latest email and thanks for what you said regarding our
interview! It is so sweet of you to continue to write in even after we
finished the initial story arc for BMH. It's great to know that people
still care about our characters!

We both really enjoyed the interview with Tony. He has given us
tremendous support and it was awesome that he asked to interview us!
Most of the characters we come up with are inspired from real life as
well as entertainment. Blue Comet was inspired by my love of Green
Lantern and other cosmic characters. My favorite color is blue, so I
decided to make a blue hero with cosmic powers! The way he felt about
being gay was drawn from real life experiences that Russell went
through. (Except no one ever kidnapped me and forced him to come out to
the world!)

Justin is based upon my personality. As you may know, I love comics,
action figures and video games. (I also secretly wish I could become a
super hero too!) His Fusion persona is inspired loosely on the MegaMan
Battle Network video games. In those games MegaMan could add other
character's powers to his own if he developed a special bond with them.
We thought that would be a cool power for Fusion to have and we adapted
it to fit our story.

Jillian is based on the actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus from "Seinfeld"
fame. We both loved that show back in college and really loved her
character Elaine. I came up with the name Sunstar because both "sun" and
" star" mean basically the same thing. I figured that no one else had
used that name in comics. We wanted her to have a fun personality and a
sarcastic wit. She is the jokester of the cast.

Finally, Cold Snap is a mixture of Karen Walker from "Will & Grace" and
Wilhelmina Slater from "Ugly Betty". She is also a Bruce Wayne type
character who decided to turn bad. She is sophisticated, wealthy and a
bit snappish. She is a total blast to write for because she doesn't have
to be nice! She has ice powers because we wanted her to be an elemental
opposite nemesis for Sunstar.

Well, I hope that gives you some insight behind the inspiration for our
characters. Thanks again for your support!

All the best,

Dear Chayne and Russell,

I was quite lucky by way of a link from Queerclick to Gaymonsters, to come across the link to your site.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of DC comics, and had a sizeable collection. I also had crushes on several of the guys in them as well.

This morning, reading your work, took me to a place I wish had been around when I was a kid. To say that you've done a great job isn't enough. The artwork and storyline both are great, and I'm a huge fan of things that are implicit more than explicit. It's a totally class act, guys.
YOU ROCK!!!!! :)

looking forward to next year and seeing what you do with our heroes (I feel a strong empathy to them)
my best to you both :)


Wow, thanks so much for your amazing letter. It really made our day! We
can't express enough how much it means to us when we get letters from
readers who really "get" what we're trying to accomplish with our comic.

We too wish that a comic similar to ours had been around when we were
kids. It's important that people discover that gay people have as much
right to be super heroes as everyone else. Just think of how back in the
old days, all super heroes were white. These days many more ethnic
heroes are slowly being introduced. We felt it was time that a gay hero
got the spotlight as well. It's important that gay young people can read
about loving, commited characters such as Derek and Justin.

So thank you for writing in to tell us how much our story means to you.
We love readers like you!

All the best,
Chayne & Russell

Hi guys:
I found your comic at the beginning of this year, and immediately became a fan
I love comics since I learn to read, and now I'm a childlike (or childish) man of 42 that have read a gay comic for the first time (it's a way of loosing the virginity again).

I have a little of difficulty with some words or expressions, but is useful to improve my English (will you translate the comic to Spanish?; many Spanish talkers will be thankful).

I hope you’ll continue with the same comic or another one.
Let me scream :

My regards

Finally an Argentinian greeting
Saludos a todos y chau. Canejo (the last word is use by an Argentinian comic
character called Patoruzú.



Thank you so much for taking time to write to us regarding Boy Meets
Hero way back in September. I'm sorry that this email is so late in
getting back to you, but I wanted to let you know all the e-mails we get
are very important to us!

I'm so glad that you enjoy our comic! I'm also greatful that you took
the time to read it even though it is not in your native language.
Hopefully someday we will be able to translate it into spanish if there
is enough demand.

And yes, the world does neeed more gay heroes! That's why we created our
comic in the first place!

Well, take care and thanks for being a fan!

Best wishes,

This is an amazing comic. The characters are well developed, there's a great storyline, and it seems like anything can happen. I hope you are happy drawing this cause Im happy reading it.


Dear Bradley,

Thanks for the great email, it was so awesome of you to write us! It always lifts my spirits when fans feel that our efforts are appreciated. Thanks so much for your amazing compliments! It makes me happy making you happy!!!

Thanks for being a fan!


Dear Chayne & Russ,
Believe it or not, my life is following your comic. Today I told the person I have always had a crush on that I am gay! He completely understood and said that he didn't care. He is not gay himself but this comic like I have said in the past has made an impact on my life. Thanks guys so much and keep up the good work!


We were truly moved by your letter and are really proud our YOUR courage! Coming out to friends and family can be frightening but they almost always surprise us with their acceptance.

We are very humbled by your adoration of our work! Fans like you are the reason why we continue to work on the comic. Part of our motivation for producing "Boy Meets Hero" is to offer a positive portrayal of gay men and hopefully offer some inspiration as well.

If your story is any indication, it seems like we're succeeding!

Stay proud and stay strong!

YOUR fans,
Russ and Chayne

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