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Blue Comet and Fusion
features the exciting stories of the heroes and villains introduced in the graphic novel Boy Meets Hero.

Blue Comet & Fusion: Titanna Strikes!

What happens when a 50 ft. tall super villainess attacks beautiful Golden Bay City and ensnares all the male superheroes in her deadly gaze? Well it's up to Blue Comet and Fusion, the city's famed gay heroes and power-couple, to save the day! "Blue Comet & Fusion: Titanna Strikes!" is the exciting follow-up story to the acclaimed webcomic and graphic novel "Boy Meets Hero" by Chayne Avery and Russell Garcia. Enjoy this updated version of "Titanna Strikes" with all new vibrant art and colors for the first time available in printed format!

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Coming soon after that will be a two-part story exploring the ups and downs of our super-powered couple living and working together as well as dealing with some homophobic bullies at work. Plus, the nefarious Zack Savage escapes from prison and takes our heroes on an adventure out of this world! Check out a few pages below:

Blue Comet and Fusion - Comic Previews
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