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Chayne's inspiration for Boy Meets Hero, the graphic novel.

My inspiration for Boy Meets Hero comes from all the super hero comic book characters who have a separate and secret romance in their normal lives. Spider-Man has Mary Jane, Superman has Lois. Dealing with protecting a secret identity for the sake of a loved one has been a common theme for these characters for years.

One day I wondered, "what if a super hero had a same-sex romance?" That hero would not only have one secret to protect, but also the added pressure of keeping his sexual orientation a secret. I've seen gay characters portrayed in comics before such a Northstar from the pages of X-Men & Alpha Flight. However, I haven't really encountered gay characters that have a close and meaningful relationship along the same lines as what Spider-Man and Superman have with their partners.

So I decided to create the tale of a hero who had these two secrets to protect, and thus, Boy Meets Hero was born!

The world in which these characters exist is based on the light-hearted comic books of my youth. I've always loved the adventurous spirit that comics had in the 80's and 90's and so I felt that I wanted to represent that in my story. I want my characters to be fun and really enjoy the colorful world they live in. I also felt it is important to include sensuality in the character's intimate moments by showing that their love-making is a positive experience, neither explicit nor pornographic.

The basic focus of Boy Meets Hero is the positive relationship that Blue Comet has with his boyfriend, Justin, the people in their lives, and the ups and downs they experience along the way... Enjoy!


Meet the Duo Behind Boy Meets Hero Comics!

Chayne Avery (email:
Creator, Writer, Penciller, Inker, Letterer and Colorist

Chayne grew up in Roswell, New Mexico and although his name starts with a “C,” it’s pronounced “Shane”. Science-fiction and comic books captured his interest at an early age and he loved to draw the characters that inspired his imagination. After taking art classes throughout middle-school and high-school, he decided to make art his career. He met his life-partner Russell in 1993 in college, due to the fact that they shared the same art classes. After graduation, they moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where they continue to share their lives together along with their two dogs Kira and Haley.

Russell Garcia (email:
Writer, Digital Effects Colorist, and Web Designer

Russell is a New Mexico native and after graduation from Eastern New Mexico University in 1995 began his graphic design career in Albuquerque. First as an in-house designer for a bookstore and then moving into web design and photography. In 2005 Russell began assisting Chayne with story and art development for “Boy Meets Hero”. In addition, Russell has continued with his career as a graphic designer and jewelry photographer. Russell is an avid music collector, movie fan, and enjoys drumming as well.





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