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Zane & Tyler #1

Zane and Tyler are best friends... actually, they’re insanely great friends. They live together, work together, hang out together, do everything together. Well... almost everything!

Chuckle at Zane and Tyler's geeky hijinks while searching for love, comics, and trouble... especially trouble!

(Suggested for mature readers.)

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Blue Comet & Fusion:
Titanna Strikes!
-Special Edition-

Enjoy this updated version of "Titanna Strikes" with all new vibrant art and colors! For the first time available in print

What happens when a 50 ft. tall super villainess attacks beautiful Golden Bay City and ensnares all the male superheroes in her deadly gaze? Well it's up to Blue Comet and Fusion, the city's famed gay heroes and power-couple, to save the day!

Blue Comet and Fusion: Titanna Strikes! is the exciting follow-up story to the acclaimed webcomic and graphic novel Boy Meets Hero by Chayne Avery and Russell Garcia.

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Welcome to Boy Meets Hero Studio!
If you are looking for sexy, comic book stylized illustrations, you've come to the right place.

Chayne and Russ have been creating art together since their college days way back in 1995 but it wasn't until 2004 that Boy Meets Hero was born. It began as a simple web-comic as we posted pages week to week. Then slowly it picked up a loyal following and critical praise. In 2008 it was published as a hardcover graphic novel (click here to check out some sample pages).

Now along with producing our comic Blue Comet and Fusion, we're also a full-time art studio focusing on commissioned illustrations like character design, comic book covers, popular superhero/fantasy characters and more! We love new projects big or small so hit us up at with your ideas and let's have some fun!'

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and news and to see some examples of our work visit our gallery page at DeviantArt!

Also you can view larger versions of all of the images on this page by clicking on any of the images!

What can we draw for you?

- Your own original character designs
- Popular superheroes
- Fantasy characters
- Profile illustrations for facebook and other social media
- Turn yourself into a superhero
- City of Heroes / DC Universe Online / World of Warcraft characters
- Comic book covers and/or coloring
- Comic book page coloring

What do you get?

- Amazing illustrations of practically anything you can imagine!
- Gorgeous full digital color!
- Illustration dimensions are typically 9"x12" but we're flexible, just let us know!
- Email us with your idea and we'll quote a price estimate based on complexity of the image requested.
- Prices start at $65 per character!
- Availability varies but the wait is usually less than two weeks!

Our Creative Process

It all begins with an email detailing your idea for us to illustrate! Please be as specific as you can, the more information you provide the closer we can get to achieving your vision! (Feel free to attach images, just try to keep the file sizes relatively small.)

We'll then write back to you with a price quote and once we've agreed on a price and expectations the fun begins. First Chayne will draw a "rough" version of your image for you to approve or request tweaks. Once you've given us the go-ahead, Chayne will do the final, tightly rendered pencil drawing. Then Russ scans and colors it at high-resolution. We then send to you a low-res color proof and again ask for approval or changes. Once approved, we'll apply the final shading, sfx, background (if requested), etc. After that, it's done! We'll then mail (via Priority USPS, Domestic and International) the signed original drawing and glossy print plus email to you a high-resolution file (usually a maximum quality .jpg but free free to request an alternate file type)!

The Fine Print
Concerning alterations, we're determined to give you the image you'll be satisfied with. We're happy to make changes during the initial rough drawing stage, however once the rough is approved we consider the illustration "locked" and we move on to the final stages. Any major change requests after that will incur a fee to be determined, depending on the nature of the change.

We do ask for payment before we begin a project. If it's a small commission we ask for full payment, larger projects can be paid in installments as the work is completed.

Words of praise from a few of our satisfied clients

Character Design
OH my gosh!  What a gorgeous image!!!! The water is so amazing!!!! You guys have mad skillz!!!! This is so beautiful!  I hope you open for commissions again, cause I will for sure take one! -Matthew

Outstanding. I always get a thrill when I get the final work from you guys. I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating that your art makes our characters look absolutely amazing. I can't thank you enough (again) for taking the time to work on these for me- Eric

Absolutely perfect. I love the added background elements you did on this. Fantastic. I always know you guys will do a stunning job, but honest to God you never fail to consistently just blow me out of the water with the end results.  - Eric

I can’t tell you how cool it is to see this character actually come to life. Thanks so much for working on him and getting what I was looking for.

Superhero caricature
I simply love it!  Thank you for doing such a terrific job . . . made my week! -Mark

"House Boy" board game - character design
Holy Shizmoly, Boys!  You rock!  Garage Boy is way hot.  I printed both pics out and took them with us to our upscale cocktail night at one of the bars here in town that we frequent every Wednesday for GLEE-peats (repeat watchings of GLEE).  Your drawings were all the talk, even amidst all the rabid GLEEKS.  There was even a request that you guys come to town for a meet and greet.
- Jim, Cheeky Dingo Games

"House Boy" board game - cover-art
I think this is way better than anything I had imagined!
-Jim, Cheeky Dingo Games


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